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Posts from ‘April, 2011’

Something Old, Something New

OK so I have a problem… No not that kind of problem…. My problem was that I had replication configured (SQL 2000 – Publisher to SQL 2008 – Distributor/Subscriber) and had to change the default port number on my Distributor/Subscriber.  Guess what happened? Yup…. replication failed. I tried to play around with some network settings, […]

Jobs Jobs Jobs

If a job fails in production and nobody is there to see it, does it get noticed? Deep huh? 🙂 Well if the job actually does something important of course it will get noticed.  So the bigger question is: What can you do to make sure that YOU know about it before anyone else does?  […]

Meme Monday

Welcome to the first Meme Monday! Today’s meme is “Write a SQL blog post in 11 words or less”, and here is my entry: Taking backups is half the job, don’t forget to restore them Tag Time Grant Fritchey (blog @GFritchey ) Aaron Bertrand ( blog @AaronBertrand ) Jorge Segarra ( blog @SQLChicken ) Great idea […]

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