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Posts from ‘October, 2010’

Select or Edit Top x Rows

So a little SQL Server Management Studio tip/trick for today (inspired by a user question… Thanks Brandon!!) When you right click on a table you’re given the options to Select Top 1000 rows or Edit Top 200 rows as shown below: If you choose to SELECT, SQL Server Management Studio will build your SELECT statement […]

Well hello

Quest Software has a new “Pedia” (well new to me) called being headed up by my friend Jeremiah Peschka.  This got an instant add to my RSS Feed as I’m trying to get more into the “cloud” stuff (see SQL Azure Time to Jump In and Give it a Try) I’m not sure how much […]

Exciting New Challenges/Opportunities

I recently was contacted by Microsoft and offered a contract (which I accepted) to help start a new blog for their Tier 1 ISV Team.  I consider this a great honor and am very excited about the opportunity.  It’s a new blog that will provide information about running ISV (Independent Software Vendor) Applications on the […]

SQL Azure – Time to jump in and give it a try

Wow Microsoft went all out with this graphic 🙂 So I have a bit of info on SQL Azure but if you’re like me you don’t ever really KNOW something until you jump in with both feet and give it a try.  I’m going to start right from scratch and see what I can find […]

Central Management Server Question and TechDays #YEG Discussion

Gooooooooooooooood Morning everyone I just wanted to hop on quick and confirm an answer to a question I had after my session @ TechDays here in Edmonton. Q: Can an express edition of SQL Server 2008 be used as a Central Management Server A: Yes… wait a sec… I think so…. yes… Check my blog […]

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