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Posts from ‘November, 2009’

Have You Seen This Man?

EDMPASS WANTS BUCK WOODY!!! When talking to Summit attendees the one name that comes up constantly or the one question that comes up is… “Did you get a chance to see Buck Woody present?” I did… and it was my first time.  It was the end of the day I believe on the Thursday… I […]

You don’t think of them as human… You don’t think of them at all

😉 OK maybe I’m feeling really good today… maybe it’s because it’s @Peschkaj‘s birthday… maybe it’s because I needed to find a way to work some Tina Turner into my next blog post…or maybe it’s because I successfully took care of both kids last night for the first time while wifey started some photography classes. […]

EDMPASS Meeting One Week From Today…

On November 25th 2009 the Edmonton Chapter of PASS is having it’s next meeting. Details below: Please be sure to not only click the “Add to my calendar” but also the “Register” button so that we can plan accordingly for food and drinks.  Date:  Nov 25th 2009 Time: 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm Location: Stanley A. Milner library Map: 7 Sir […]

Most Recent Job Status of All Enabled Jobs

 Seems easy enough… and maybe it is easy and someone is going to comment with something fantastical *hint hint hint* but until that happens… I would like… if I may… to take you on a strange journey 🙂 Use Case: I want to be able (using CMS- Central Management Server)  connect to all my SQL Servers […]

PASS Summit 2010 Registration is Open

OK so after all the PASS Summit 2009 posts, pictures, and general crazyness if you’re missing the excitement then head on over to the PASS Summit 2010 page. Register before January 15, 2010 and get the special Preview rate of only $995 – 50% off the regular Full Summit fee. This is an investment of […]

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