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Posts from ‘August, 2009’

Policy Based Management – Quick Tip / Note

 So I threw this question out to the Twitterverse to see if anyone has experienced the same thing.  Didn’t get much of any reply (then again it is 5 pm MST lol) except for some spambot asking me if I need a quality backup solution that I don’t have to worry about…. annnnnnnnnnnnnd BLOCK!!! Anyways… […]

xp_delete_file vs. PowerShell

So I’m a firm believer in the KISS theory. No not THAT KISS… the Keep It Simple Stupid theory. So when it comes to backups… if I’m not needing to “trick them out” or do anything custom I don’t have any problems with setting up a nice and easy maintenance plan and calling it a […]

Database Mail Test Works…SQL Server Agent Notification Doesn’t

So have you ever had one of THOSE days? So I’m finishing up building a shiney new SQL Server 2005 Instance and I start configuring Database Mail.  Everything is going fine and once it’s setup I do a “Send Test Email”.   I get the email in a couple seconds so for my final test I […]

Keynote Speakers Announced for PASS Summit

Bob Muglia, Ted Kummert, Tom Casey, and David DeWitt PASS Summit Keynote Announcement “In the opening keynote on Nov. 3, Muglia will outline Microsoft’s key technical investments across the datacenter and cloud, exploring how they support the evolving role of database professionals around the world. Kummert will then deep-dive into the upcoming release of SQL […]

Virtual Machine Additions on Virtual PC 2007 with Windows 7

Some of you out there as soon as you read this title will know EXACTLY what this post is going to be about… and others well hopefully this will save you some frustration and googling. Make sure to install the latest version of Service Pack 1 for Virtual PC 2007 (version post install should be […]

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