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Posts from ‘June, 2009’

Why are you going to the PASS Summit? #sqlpass #SQL

So we’re about 5 months out from the PASS Summit in Seattle and now that all the community, spotlight and pre-post conference sessions are announced (Congrats to everyone who made the cut!!!) I’m starting to look at how I want to approach the summit and my personal agenda. If I were to rank my expertise when […]

NOLOCK on everything? NOTHANKS!!

A fellow tweeter posted the question today on Twitter so I thought I would do a quick blurb about NOLOCK which might help serve as a reference point: “So how do you convince a team of developers that putting NOLOCK on every single query isn’t a recommended practice?” He’s probably facing the questions/comments like: “All […]

SQL Databases That Have Not Had a Full Backup in x Days

So something that you should do regardless of the alerts, notifications, etc that you have setup is to just have a daily sanity check on your database backups. Sure you don’t have any failed jobs but what if the job never attempted to run in the first place like it was supposed to? If a […]

SQL 2000 Replication… changing Recovery Mode

Short Answer: YES It had been a while since I worked with SQL 2000 Replication so I was fairly confident that you could but wasn’t willing to just go and do it without a proper test first. I took at copy of the database that I was looking to do this on and built myself […]

SQL Server 2005 Edition Upgrade

As most of my posts are inspired by stuff I’ve been working on or have worked on recently this is no different. A request came in to upgrade a SQL Server 2005 Standard Edition Instance to a SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition Instance.  Funny thing is that I’ve been working with SQL Server 2005 since […]

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