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Posts from ‘April, 2009’

Moving MSDB – Notifications via DatabaseMail

If you’ve ever moved MSDB and have notifications setup using DatabaseMail then you probably already know what I (re)learned today. If you move MSDB your notifications will stop working.  Why you may ask? It’s because the ENABLE_BROKER configuration is set to false when you move MSDB.  Now I can’t seem to find (google) any information […]

The 5 Love Languages – A Professional Point Of View

(Bear with me through the first part… there is a “professional” theme to the post LOL) OK so wifey and I before getting married were required to take a marriage course. I wasn’t at the time entirely sure why. Perhaps this is where they told her to have my pipe and slippers ready for me […]

Corrupt as a Dirty Politican… breathe and think before acting.

So first off I made the “tempdb” group in SQLBatman’s rankings which means I’m a blogger “that is on his radar screen right now”.   He didn’t say whether or not it was a good radar screen or not but I’m in there with Jeremiah Peschka and Kendal Van Dyke so I’ll take it as a compliment for sure. […]

Contracting… good? bad? It depends

So I’m nearing the end of my first contracting “gig” and I thought I would chat about what I like (and don’t like) about being an independent contractor (as opposed to being a fulltime employee). OK let’s get the big one out of the way early and that is money.  The money is better and […]

SQL 2008 Upgrade – Slow down there cowboy…

So now that Service Pack 1 is out for SQL Server 2008 and the excuse reason of wanting to wait till Service Pack 1 before upgrade is out of the way let’s talk about some advice when doing an upgrade to SQL Server 2008. (This is NOT a comprehensive list just a braindump of some […]

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