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Posts from ‘March, 2009’

String Concatenation on a text column (SQL 2000 vs SQL 2005+)

So most of my blog posts are “inspired” by questions that gets asked to me either in my day to day work or from emails I get from friends (usually developers hehehe) who need a quick answer on how to do something “SQL” related. So my blackberry started buzzing at 11:30 pm one evening… well […]

IE8 Released and Available for Download Don’t ask what you can do for your browser… ask what your browser can do for you. I’m interested to see how this stacks up vs the competition.  IE8 is boasting better performance, security, and overall experience vs the “the best of the rest”.  There are comparison videos vs Firefox 3.05 and Chrome 1.0 […]

Database Mail is setup but SQLServerAgent Notifications are not coming through

The last step to run was step 1 (Subplan_1). NOTE: Failed to notify ‘Operator’ via email. Ever get this message? I did and it took me a couple minutes to remember how to resolve it so I thought I would post about it just in case I’m not the only one LOL. I first decided […]

Blocking vs Deadlocking… do you know the difference?

Seems simple enough doesn’t it? It always amazes me how many DBAs still get this wrong or don’t understand the difference between the two. Blocking happens… can’t do much about it other then try and minimize the amount of time that a resource locks another. When a process tries to establish a lock SQL Server […]

EDMPASS Comment Notification Fixed!!!

So switching to PHP 4.x instead of PHP 5.x seems to of worked.  I’m not sure if this “really” fixed it or if switching to a different PHP version might of just reinstalled the proper wp-mail.php file.  I guess the true test would be if I switched back to PHP 5.x and it broke again […]

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