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Posts from ‘March, 2009’


So I was doing my morning reading when I came across an article talking about someone who had a problem in their production environment with a transaction log that was too big.  The author then gave their solution to this problem as a way to resolve it: Backup log [mydb] with truncate_only go DBCC SHRINKFILE (2) […]

Sound Notification When Query Finishes Executing

So on twitter this morning a question was asked about attaching a sound file to SQL Server Management Studio to play a sound when a query completes. So I decided to poke around the managment studio a bit and under Tools -> Options if you select Query Results there is a checkbox for playing the […]

TSQL Debugging In SQL Server 2008

Everyone else in the world can set breakpoints and navigate through their code line by line and see all the important stuff (errors, variable values, output, etc) but anyone writing some TSQL has to usually put in a bunch of SELECT statements,  PRINT statements (or use the business intellegence development studio) to get any clue as […]

New PASS Summit 2009 Website Launched… what are you waiting for? I have a high level of excitement for the PASS Summit this year.  This year I’m actually helping “behind the scenes” as a member of the Database Administration Abstract Selection Team.  Abstracts need to be submitted by April 10th 2009 so polish up those presentations and get them in!  Need some help to justify going to the PASS […]

It wasn’t me… it was the one armed man

So this post was inspired by a Twitter conversation with @BrentO and @Peschkaj.  Brent was laughing about how he’s going to install Quest Performance Analysis and that it’s going to come back and tattle on him for all of his bad TSQL code. I jokingly said “Hey all you need to do is change the creator […]

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