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Posts from ‘February, 2009’

Cutting My Teeth with SQL 6.5

Back in 1996 when… The average cost of a new house was $118,000 The average income per year was $36,000 Prince Charles and Diana got divorced DVDs were launched in Japan Duke Nukem 3D was released …I graduated from college and was hired by that very same college to come and work for their IT […]

Statistics… Peeling Away More Of The Onion

So this post is a continuation of sorts of my last post on Updating Statistics before or after an index rebuild. I asked myself the question “How often should you run statistic maintenance in general? and do I have to run any statistic maintenance if I have auto update stats enabled?” OK I didn’t REALLY […]

Update Statistics Before or After an Index Rebuild?

So a Twitter friend of mine @peschkaj tweeted this morning: “Just finished adding scripts to update stats and rebuild indexes after our nightly and weekly loads. Now on to… something else.” So I asked the question: “now the question is… did you update stats BEFORE or AFTER the index rebuild? :)” He replied with the […]

Database Role Audit (alpha version)

OK so this is kind of a “part 2” to a post I made a while back about doing a SQL Server Role Audit. I wanted to go to the next level down and do the same type of thing for all database roles (system and user). This is definitely an “alpha version” of the […]

Things You Know Now…

Michelle Ufford aka SQLFool tagged me in her blog post, Things you know now…, and asked “It doesn’t have to be DBA skills, but what do you wish you knew when you were starting?” Here’s my top 3 (well not really my top 3 cause I’m going to try and not say something that has […]

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