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Posts from ‘February, 2009’

MERGE Statement (UPSERT) with Working Example

OK so this isn’t really a lesser known new feature in SQL Server 2008 but it’s a cool one so I figured I’d churn out a working example as those seem to be more popular than the “theory” posts.  So the idea behind MERGE is that you can take 2 sources and you can insert […]

Select Top x Rows… Great…But I Want More (UPDATE)

So in SQL 2008 there is an object explorer command to Select (or edit) top 1000 rows when you right click on a table or view. When you do this a new query window will open, a select (or update) statement is created with the top 1000 rows and the statement is executed. I personally […]

PASS – Database Administration Abstract Selection Team

“Welcome to the PASS 2009 Program Committee Abstract Selection Team” SQLInsaneo sent out an email yesterday to all the committee members and I’m happy to report that I’ve been selected for the Database Administration Abstract Selection Team.  Joining me is our fearless team leader Jason Massie (StatisticsIO) and a gentleman that I haven’t met yet (in person […]

SQL 2008 Adoption Rate Poll Results and Thoughts

To start with I’m not going to begin to argue that my poll is of adequate industry sample size for a true adoption rate but there is a definite trend in the results. 51% of the people who voted indicated that they currently have no SQL Server 2008 instances running in production. 37% indicated that […]

Please Vote: What Is Your SQL Server 2008 Adoption Rate?

SQL Server 2008 RTM is over 6 months old now and I’m wondering what people are seeing so far in terms of adoption rate. What I’ve seen so far in the environments that I’ve been working on definitely falls in the 1% – 25% category. What has everyone seen in the environments that they work […]

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