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Posts from ‘January, 2009’

LogMeIn – Epic Win

Sorry for sounding like a “fanboy” but not too often does a free service offering like this come around.  I was in the market for a remote access solution so that I can access my home computer if needed from a remote location.  I “tweeted” about my search and some people pointed me in the […]

Creating a REAL SQLAgentReaderRole

So if you follow me blog you will probably remember this post from earlier today: Below is the solution I’m working with to give developers access to the Job Activity Monitor but NOT the ability to create new jobs. I know adding a role to a system database is not ideal but I’m open […]

SQLAgentReaderRole – not so reader?

Quick… how do you give someone read only access to the Job Activity Monitor? Why you grant them SQLAgentReaderRole access in msdb…. WRONG The SQLAgentReaderRole is a reader role for the jobs that currently exist but wait here is where the good (or bad depending on if you’re in a good mood or not) […]

Obama: Day 1 A Canadian Perspective

“The EKOS poll found only 3.8 per cent of respondents have a negative view of the Democratic president-elect, compared to 81 per cent who approve of his performance as he prepares to take over the Oval Office. (Another 15 per cent said they didn’t know or had no opinion on the matter.)” That is a […]

Business Cards

So I decided to get some new business cards as I always seem to be without. I went through a friend referal and used Rayacom. I was quite impressed with Rayacom as they had blank Photoshop templates on their website with bleed border layers, etc. I created 2 distinctly different designs walked away for a […]

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