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Posts from ‘January, 2009’

30 Years Old… Not As Fun As 20 LOL

So today I turn 30… it’s alot more real when you type it and it stares you back in the face. I’m a husband with a great (and very understanding) wife, a father of an amazing 2 1/2 year old son and wonderful newborn baby daughter. It’s a weird feeling. Everyone always says that it’s […]

Oh no… not another “economy” post

Well this is my first economy post but I’m sure EVERYONE has read their fair share of posts related to the economic crisis. I’ll be keeping this post fairly specific to the topics that I stay on top of because if I start going off on a tangent about the economy as a whole well […]

Pivot…. I said PIVOT!!!!

Apparently I must of skipped this entry in BOL when I was going through and memorizing it LOL… I had a “brain fart” yesterday when I tried to use the PIVOT function and I just couldn't get the thing to work. I had used it in the past and thought maybe it was just late […]

db_Executor Role – updated

In a passing conversation the question about how you grant execute to all stored procedures to a user came up. In SQL 2005 the ability to grant the execute permission at the database level was introduced. Instead of having to build some 'smarts' into a script to cycle through all your objects, etc you can […]


In SQL 2005 a COPY_ONLY option became available for backing up your databases.  What COPY_ONLY does is take a backup (full or t-log) without affecting the backup/restore cycle.  This is a great new feature as quite often DBAs are asked for an out of sequence backup to be taken to restore to a different environment.  […]

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