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Posts from ‘November, 2008’

SQL Server 2008 Jumpstart

OK not exactly new information for most who have investigated SQL Server 2008 but for those who are just now looking to get into 2008 and the new features/functionality then I would HIGHLY recommend going to There is a TONNE of free information broken down by “track” (Overview, Database Infrastructure, Business Intelligence, Developer, and […]

Backup Types in SQL Server

This post may not be the most technical or advanced dicussion but I think it’s important that everyone knows what is available within SQL Server and the differences between them. Full Backup – This is like it sounds a full copy of the databases. Full backups take the most time to complete but they are […]

Quick Script for Server, Version, Level, and Edition

When managing a large SQL Server environment you probably have different versions, levels, and editions of SQL Server running throughout.  A nice quick way to extract this information is to use the script below: SELECT @@SERVERNAME AS ‘ServerName’, SERVERPROPERTY(‘productversion’) AS ‘Version’, SERVERPROPERTY (‘productlevel’) AS ‘VersionLevel’, SERVERPROPERTY (‘edition’) AS ‘Edition’ This works for SQL 2000, SQL 2005, and […]

SQL Versions, Editions, and Features

When putting forth a recommendation for a version and edition of SQL Server to install it is important that you understand what features are available in each version and edition. SQL 2000 – SQL 2005 – SQL 2008 – These 3 websites give you a very detailed look into each version and […]

WordPress Messes Up Code in Blogs… (fix included)

OK thanks to the individual who pointed this out to me because I wouldn’t of caught it for a LONG time. So the first problem that I’m having with WordPress is that when I cut and paste code my single quotes become an “open quote” and a “close quote” and if anyone code they know […]

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